Meditating on You and Your Specific Needs,
I will create a piece that is just for you

Personalized Luna Art

Receive personalized Luna Art. Through meditation on You and Your specific needs, I will create a piece that is just for you and what you need. It is totally unique and special for who you are and will give you the guidance or support that is appropriate for the time. It will be created with an affirmation that is specific to You and where you are in Your Journey. Your personalized Luna Art will come with an explanation of the herbs used and why, as well as, the affirmation.

These pieces are ephemeral, they will not last forever, they are meant to last as long as they are a tool for you. As you grow and change the piece will shift and change as well let it change as you allow yourself to change. Do not hold onto to what it was but embrace the movement as a sign of growth and continued empowerment.

May this piece be a reminder that when you conquer your fears, challenges, desires that you are no longer a slave but free. Find your freedom within.

May this piece direct and protect you as you create change within yourself. Which effects everything around you, rippling out into your community, your relationships, your work. Make the change within you, be the change you wish to see.

May this piece open you up to being in your body and experiencing the divine through it. You embody the divine in all of your senses which is an innate and ancient wisdom that we can all tap into. Trust it.

May you hold peace and love with you in every moment, in every emotion, in every situation. So that you may bring the best of yourself whoever you go or what you are faced with. May this piece give you a sense and remind you that you already have peace and love with you.

May this piece attune you to your own inner peace, which in turn will connect you to the expansiveness….

May this piece be a reminder of all that you have within you. Your grace, strength, will, compassion and love. May you carry these traits and many more with extreme gratitude and humbleness.

You’ll have the opportunity to order a framed print of your Luna Art piece that will last a lifetime.

The Moon is known for its attributes to our subconscious. It is the door to our emotions and the undercurrent of our intuition. The subconscious mind holds many of our inexplainable fears, our loves and everything in between. There is an innate knowledge that is ever-present but yet seems out of reach. By harnessing the Moon energy we may ask for clarity or truth in situations or set intentions for our future goals. The Lunar energy will intensify the intention or clarity by threefold.


I create my herbal art pieces during Full Moon and New Moon to utilize this energy, for healing, clarity and intention. Meditation begins the process, I intuitively see the image to come to me, what herbs, teas and wax to use. Then I ask for an Affirmation to repeat throughout the creation. Once it is all drawn out and written down, in sacred space and intention, I begin to create the piece.

I recite the affirmation while I construct the piece, first placing the herbs, then dripping wax to hold them in place, covering the whole piece with an herbal tea. Meditation guides the many variations of the creative process. Each art piece is completely unique and constructed with natural and organic materials.


As you continue on your journey, as this new year approaches, remember what your purpose and your goals are. Don’t get side tracked with drama, circumstances or details, always come back to the big picture. Let that guide you, not the fleeting moments that pass quickly but hang on to your goals, and follow your hearts desire.

May this piece bring you comfort that even though times are challenging you are still supported. Daily life can be hard to climb out of in order to see the higher perspective, to see how far you have come, to see how blessed you are and to see how much protection surrounds you.

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